School Nurse

Carolyn Fialkow, RN, CSN
Harrison School Nurse

  “To learn and be educated, one first needs to have good health.” 

The following are health policies practiced at Harrison:

  • In case of an accident or illness in school, parent/guardians are notified of the health emergency.  Therefore, all phone numbers should be current and active.  Ambulances are called only in extreme emergencies


  • Students with serious coughs, colds, fever, nausea, etc. should be kept home from school as on-going medical attention is not available.  Students should not attend school if they have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher and/or are vomiting.  They must remain out of school for 24 hours after becoming fever-free.  In addition, students with suspected strep throat or a skin rash of unknown origin should stay home until a doctor is seen.


  • Students need a written doctor’s note for the following:
  1. To be excused from physical education
  2. To receive medication, families must have a school form filled out by the doctor.  School personnel cannot provide pupils with any medication whatsoever.  Prescribed medicine may only be administered by the school nurse on the written order of a physician.  This medication is kept locked in the nurse’s office.
  3. To return from hospitalization/exclusion.
  4. To receive home instruction.
  5.  After 5 consecutive days of absence.

Health screenings are conducted each year and include:

  • Height and weight measurement
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Vision and hearing screenings

Parents may send a letter to the school nurse excusing their child from any of the examinations.

We encourage all families to make sure their children are vigorously washing their hands with soap.  They should cover their mouths and cough into their sleeves when coughing/sneezing.


The following are helpful, informative websites: 

American Academy of Pediatrics

link for asthma action plan:

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