ELA: Reading Comp. Worksheet . Do 3 cause and effect relationships. Math : Measurement Work pages Science: Complete and study electricity work sheet. Reading Log. Tuesday ELA: Vocabulary definitions in workbook due. Vocabulary quiz tomorrow. Your turn workbook page 151 Math: Progress workbook: pages 237-238 Opinion Essay Mississippi Work packet Ready Log Monday: ELA: Vocabulary words due Wednesday Comprehension Strategy: Your Turn questions page 242 WRITING: Complete opinion essay Genre: Informational Narrative: Your Turn page 244 MATH: Decimal review SCIENCE: Read pages 22-27 Reading Log: Permission Slips Science Fair Thursday May 12, 2017 ELA : Reading Comprehension/Questions article. Math: Fraction review problems. Test On Monday Science: Review circuit notes. Quiz on Monday Reading Logs May 11, 2017 ELA: Grammar : A Famous Speech work page
MATH: Challenge fraction problems from the board. Fraction test tomorrow. STUDY Reading Log May 8-9, 2017 Math: Workbook pages 183 and 189 ELA: Complete tenant- sharecropper comprehension/questions workpage Science: Write a summary of the electricity lab due Thursday PERMISSION Math : Workbook pages 174-175 ELA: Vocabulary pages 236-237. Use context clues to answer questions in the blue print. Science: Write a summary of the electricity lab in class today. PERMISSION SLIPS DUE : ACHS walk. Bowling trip. ******************************************************* April 5, ELA : Read Why does the Moon Change Shape -p 336
Vocabulary: Study Math: Fraction subtraction problems; Quiz on adding/subtract fractions Math Progress pages 28-46 due Wednesday Reading Log due tomorrow April 3 ELA: RWW book " Your Turn question page 285 FINISH OPINION DRAFT Bring in TFK Reading Progress MATH: Complete problems from board. SCIENCE: Study shadow notes. Monday : March 20, 2017 ELA: Reading : Reread "Food Fight" and answer the following questions. Support your response from the text and/or text features Vocabulary: Your Turn page 141. Spelling: Use a part of each compound spelling word and make a new word. fishbowl fish + cake = fishcake. MATH: Fraction Facts page and Put It Together page. SCIENCE: Answer Moon questions from the text. Reading Log Monday : March 20, 2017
ELA: Reading : Reread "Food Fight" and answer the following questions. Support your response from the text and/or text features Vocabulary: Your Turn page 141. Spelling: Use a part of each compound spelling word and make a new word. fishbowl fish + cake = fishcake. MATH: Fraction Facts page and Put It Together page. SCIENCE: Answer Moon questions from the text. Reading Log Thursday, March 16, 2017   Reading : Complete comprehension and questions
Language: Complete homophone work-page
Math: Complete fraction problems; Study fraction terms for fraction quiz tomorrow. Social Studies: Work on Lenape foldable (due Wednesday 22,2017))
Lenape longhouse/wigwam due March 20, 2017)
Science: Study the phases of the moon for quiz tomorrow.
Continue filling in your moon chart. TOMORROW DRESS DOWN FUNDRAISER $1.00 Wear brown for diligence. Remember the candy fundraiser. Reading Log Thursday, March 9, 2017 ELA: Study author's point of view. Comprehension /vocabulary test tomorrow. Your Turn Workbook: Finish pages 124-127 Math: Review Multiplicative Comparison notes:Assessment tomorrow Math Progress workbook: 77-78 Writing: Finish Lenape essay Reading Log Wednesday March 8, 2017
ELA: Study author's point view notes Spelling : test on tomorrow Read TIME FOR KIDS magazine Monday, March 6, 2017 Reading : Complete "America's First People" activity. Vocabulary: Your Turn workbook> Page 121 vocabulary. quiz tomorrow Spelling: Start spelling sort activity with new spelling words Writing; Finish 1st draft Lenape /Modern Children essay Math: Progress Workbook: complete pages 21-22. Social Studies: Review lenape study sheet for test. Reading Log; Monday: February 27, 2017 ELA: Vocabulary Review sheet Spelling Test Writing: Opinion: At what age should a child have a Facebook account? Math: Division problems Social Studies: Reread TFK Science: Study notes on Earth Sun and Planets Reading Logs Friday: February 24, 2017 ELA: Study Point of View and vocabulary for Unit 3 Week 2 unit test. Math: Complete math worksheet Science: Use notes to complete review sheet. Reading Log Thursday: February 23,2017 ELA: Read TIME FOR KIDS magazine and respond to questions. Bring the magazine to school. Reading : Review Aquinaldo for selection quiz Vocabulary: Study Unit 3 Week 2 vocabulary words Spelling: Review Silent Math: Complete multi-step word problems Social Studies: Lenape child journal Reading Log Wednesday February 22, 2017 ELA Review questions from "Aquinaldo" Selection quiz tomorrow Spelling : Test Silent Letters REVIEW POINT OF VIEW NOTES Math: Math problems from board. Partial quotients quiz tomorrow. Science : Read pages 3-7 Science text book Sun Moon and Planets February 21,2017 ELA What's the Point? or Rewrite a section in Aquinaldo from a different point of view. Math: Partial quotients worksheet; workbook page 50. Social Studies: Lenape child journal 3 days Reading Log Friday February 17, 2017 Reading : Your Turn page 117-118 Review Point of View notes Writing: Author biographies due Math: Complete division problems Social Studies: Write entry in Lenape journal Reading Log Reading: Aguinaldo comprehension questions due by Thursday 2:00 pm Grammar: Complete action verb sentences Vocabulary: Study vocabulary words Math: Complete division problems using area model. Solve word problem Social Studies: Complete questions from " Daily Life of the Lenape". Lenape name and explanation due. Science: Review notes. Reading Log ******************************************* February 14,2017 Reading: Aguinaldo comprehension question due by Thursday 2:30 pm. Math: Division problems using the area model Social Studies: Read the "Daily Life of the Lenape" . 1.Answer questions 1-3. 2. Create your Lenape name. Explain why you selected the name. 3. Complete the graphic organizer comparing Lenape children of the past to modern children. DUE BY THURSDAY Science: Complete water cycle diagram if you have not done so already. Reading Log, Reading Log Homework: January 26, 2017 Reading:

Review Point of View  Notes:

Vocabulary: test tomorrow

Vocabulary quiz tomorrow

Math: Expanded model/traditional model multiplication problems Science ; Read pages 110-111 Reading Log

Science: Study NotesReading Log

February 7, 2017 Reading: Progress Workbook pages 150-155 Writing: Continue work on author's biography Math: Division worksheet Social Studies: Lenape www.lenapelifeways.org Reading Log ***************************************************** Tuesday, January 31,2017 ELA: Writing: How-To Essay. Compose 4 different opening sentences for the introduction of the How-To essay. Try to write one for each of the four sentence types. Follow with at least 2 or more sentences . Grammar: Complete both sides of the "r-controlled" review worksheet. Math: Complete the multi-step word problem coped from the board. Be sure to show all your work. Science: Re view the water cycle notes . Complete the water cycle diagram and explanation project . Technology: Continue to work on screen castify project. Reading Log

 February 2,2017

ELA : 
Vocabulary: Definitions and examples in notebook.Definitions in Literature anthology book. 
Writing:Write the steps for your Ho-To essay. Remember action verbs.
Write a paragraph describing the great idea you visualized in your picture prompt.
Social Studies: Read about the Lenape People.
Reading Log

Math: Complete multiplication design

Week of September 19, 2016

Monday: 9/19/2016
Reading Comprehension: Your Turn Workbook: pages 3-5
Study " Sequence" notes ; Story elements: character, setting, plot.
 Unit Test Wednesday.
Spelling: Test on Tuesday: Short Vowel Sounds

Workbook pages 7-8

Review map skills worksheet; Study names of oceans and continents.
Test on Friday

​Tuesday: 9/20/2016

READING: Use "The Dragon's problem" to complete Genre/Sequence worksheet.Review class notes on sequence and story elements. Reading Comprehension test on tomorrow. 

MATH: Complete Place Value worksheet. Place Value test tomorrow. 

SCIENCE : Review scientific method class notes.

: Review class notes on maps , continents and oceans. 


Wednesday- September 21,2016

Use each new vocabulary word in a  sentence  based on the definition you were given. Write a question for each vocabulary word.

MATH: Workbook book pages 9-10

SCIENCE: Quiz tomorrow on Scientific Method

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Study class notes 


Monday September 26,2016

READING: Respond to comprehension questions for "The Talent Show"
Your Turn Workbook: complete pages 17-18
Review vocabulary words

MATH: Rewrite numbers in expanded form(copied from starboard)
Complete word problem (copied from the starboard)

SCIENCE: Review "Matter" class notes

**************************************************************************************************************************************Week of October 31,2016
Grammar: Subject and Predicate Review. Write a complete predicate to complete each sentence on work page.

Writing:  Strong Openings: Story Leads. Write a lead sentence using the leads on on the practice page.

Vocabulary: Answer questions on pages 76-77

Math: Complete multi-digit addition and subtraction problems . Check answers with reverse operation.